Web Development Specialist (freelance) with over 10 years experience in Information Technology, my services are:

  • Assess the scale of the projects in terms of resources and timing.
  • Participate in the drafting of the specifications (SOW).
  • Write functional documentation.
  • Propose and recommend technical solutions to meet the business need of the customer.
  • Organize, direct and coordinate project activities.
  • Analyze the features necessary to achieve the mandates.
  • Develop and implement strategies tailored to Web clients.
  • Be directed to the customer being professional, transparent and proactive.
  • Measure the results fixed during the project and after the project delivered.
  • Ability to manage and develop performance indicators.
  • Manage change requests and propose alternatives.
  • Coding dynamic Websites.
  • Develop eCommerce sites.
  • Mobile Applications Development.
  • Manage databases that are related to each project.
  • Improve the code according to the evolution of Internet technology.
  • Coding high-tech portals (search engines, self-correcting exams, etc.)..
  • Proceed to setting up Web servers.
  • Provide user support by providing quality customer service.
  • Document its programming projects according to company standards.
  • Developed several custom administrative consoles.
  • Programming with Web languages ??(PHP, jQuery, Ajax).
  • Support users.
  • Develop tools for Web 2.0 marketing.


 Laravel 9


 jQuery / Javascript

 Ajax / JSON / XML


 Zend / Symfony

 Agile / Scrum





 Git / XAMPP

 SEO / W3C

 Paypal, Stripe

 Google API / Analytics

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